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  1. The bullet with your name on it slides past hair, skin and muscle before it smashes into one of eight cranial bones engineered to keep your brain safe. Unfortunately, it's too late for that now.
  2. Kennedy's brain matter was blown into the air by the violent explosion of his head. It came down all around him. Not only was Hargis' motorcycle moving forward, but the wind at the moment of the head shot was from directly ahead of the limo, as can be seen in this frame from the Muchmore film. Hargis ran into the spray, and one small piece of.
  3. Sep 01,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Cercenated Flesh - Cranial Excavation/Cerebral Liquidation YouTube Cercenated Flesh - Crushing Corpses () - Duration: Cercenated Flesh 1, views.
  4. Heavy head wounds cause aerosoled brain matter to be rapidly ejected - increasing chance of contamination. Cranial Dispersion is a symptom combo exclusive to the Necroa Virus DLC which causes zombie brain matter to be propelled forcefully from open head wounds. Infectivity increases when this combo is in play.
  5. In ca. 40% of the 72 SDH cases observed, SDH was the single intracranial result of the trauma. Cases with only SDH (type 3) clearly differed from SDH combined with injuries of the cerebral matter (type 2), including the circumstances of the injury, the presence of skull fractures (yes/no: type 2: 39/3, type 3: 2/28), the frequency of hospital admissions and trepanations, as well as the number.
  6. The cerebral peduncles are the anterior part of the midbrain that connects the remainder of the brainstem to the are paired, separated by the interpeduncular cistern, and contain the large white matter tracts that run to and from the cerebrum.. Terminology. The crus cerebri (cerebral crus) usually refers to the most anterior, semilunar shaped bundle of white matter fibers in the.
  7. The Functional Components Cranial nerves act basically as either a one-way or a two-way road, meaning that some of them transmit information only to the brain (afferent), others only transmit instructions out (efferent), while the remainder are built to receive and transmit information. Following this, the cranial nerves that are exclusively or largely afferent are (I, II, and VIII), the.
  8. embryologically, the brain arises from the rostral end of a tubelike structure that quickly becomes divided into three major regions. group of structures that develop from the embryonic brain are listed below. designate the embryonic origin: the diencephalon, including the .
  9. the three layers of the connective tissue enclosing the brain and spinal cord are called the __ dura matter. the outermost layer of the meninges is the __ the production of gastric juices and the activity of the heart are controlled by cranial nerve number __ the cranial nerves that are mostly motor fibers, are cranial nerves __.

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